Debajit SenCFO, Pharma Company

The entire program has been very effective and useful. The interventions were well designed and planned which brought effectiveness and great results. The interaction and involvement levels were very high throughout. The facilitators had taken the sessions exceptionally well. Indeed, it has been a great experience and one of the best programs I have experienced so far.

Sanjay MisraHead- People Development, Biotech Company

It is always great to have you engaged for helping us with the people development endeavors. Having your team as consulting partners, I found you very dependable in getting the sensing/ diagnosis of the organizational problems. It has remarkably reduced the iterations that my team and I used to put in for designing the programs and implementation, especially with your design inputs and co-creating the solutions for us. I can confidently recommend you to other companies looking for genuine committed consulting partner for people development initiatives.

Rajiv SVP, Citigroup

It was an excellent experience. The program has changed me forever. I have learned new perspectives and new strategies of dealing with work and life. The energy and enthusiasm of the facilitators was infectious. By far the most impactful behavioral lab/ workshop I have attended.

M. McPheeHR, Rolls Royce

At the outset, I express my appreciation for your responsiveness and cooperation during the entire L&D project. The program was perfectly designed by you and the feedback from participants from all the teams is excellent. Specially commended by the participants were, the unique perspectives that they gained and the high degree of shift they feel in their behavior and confidence in dealing with the issues. I am personally quite delighted with the experience and would highly recommend your services to my peers in other organizations.

Irine SnitkoHead HR, Pharma Company, Russia

The complete program from beginning to end was beautifully structured and the learning has been tremendous, even the thought provoking questions from you brought so much introspection and learning. I feel very well structured myself now. Insights that we have gained in decision making, planning, monitoring and risk management are valuable. We have experienced a new way of management. It is just the beginning for further development of the HO team; and the promotion of this philosophy of working will definitely enhance the effectiveness of the other teams and other unit offices in all locations of the company. I am looking forward to further learning experiences with you.

DeepakManaging Director, Pharma Research Firm

Over the last three years, the various change management initiatives from you have touched more than three hundred people in our organization and I am yet to come across a single participant who hasn’t been positively affected by your intervention. I express my gratitude for the turnaround of the entire management team that we have done through your interventions and creating a culture of ‘collaborative competence’. I am happy to share that the organization’s growth, financially and quality of work-life, has taken a positive direction. Thank you for enriching.