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Welcome To Auralis Consulting

Wish to know what’s really holding your organization back?

Need to figure out the simplest, most effective solutions?

Want to set your company on the path of robust growth?

We can help you.


Any organization is the sum total of the people who are a part of it. They define its distinctive culture, they make up its unique challenges and ultimately, they hold the key to tapping new opportunities.

At Auralis Consulting, we leverage this deep understanding to partner with you to facilitate pulling your company out of its challenges and to put it firmly on a high growth path.

We believe that every problem has a solution, every issue can be resolved, every skill can be polished further, every growth can be accelerated, every performance can be enhanced and every person can be motivated.


How we can partner with you:

Do you have challenges in the domains of Organization Development, Change Management, Strategy, Leadership Development, Human Resources Systems or Procedures or Project Management?

You could engage us as consultants, advisors, coaches or mentors to find better solutions.

Our experienced and articulate professionals can help you execute in-depth Training & Development workshops to enhance skills and recap concepts or infuse new ideas and methodologies to find solutions.


There’s more:

We regularly organize seminars and conferences to bring forth new age concepts, antediluvian philosophies relating to the present context, discussions and brainstorming sessions between academic theorists and practitioners of modern management principles.

If you’d like to stay updated about them or would just want to get to know us better and understand first-hand how we can help, we’d be glad to meet you over a cup of coffee.

So, call us or drop in an email. We are eager to hear from you.

People Speak For Us

Debajit SenCFO, Pharma Company
The entire program has been very effective and useful. The interventions were well designed and planned which brought effectiveness and great results. The interaction and involvement levels were very... Read More
DeepakManaging Director, Pharma Research Firm
Over the last three years, the various change management initiatives from you have touched more than three hundred people in our organization and I am yet to come across a single participant who... Read More
Rajiv SVP, Citigroup
It was an excellent experience. The program has changed me forever. I have learned new perspectives and new strategies of dealing with work and life. The energy and enthusiasm of the facilitators was... Read More